Nvidia’s cryptocurrency mining ban is not coming to other RTX cards for now

(Sincerely: Nvidia)

For now, Nvidia plans to restrict cryptocurrency mining capabilities to the RTX 3060 only – not to any other graphics card in the 3000 series.

“We are currently focused on the RTX 3060. And we are not limiting the performance of GPUs already sold, ”a company spokesperson told PCMag.

It is bad news for PC gamers that there are still attempts to stop the RTX 3060 Ti, 3070 or 3080, which continues to sell in minutes, even six months after the initial release. Not only are PC gamers trying to buy in-demand products, but powerful GPUs are also needed.

The cheapest entry in the series, the RTX 3060, will go on sale next Thursday. So to try and free up the supply, Nvidia is enhancing the cryptocurrency Ethereum’s mine capacity through the software driver of the GPU. There should be no cost for the gaming performance of the product.

The company is not clear why it will not bring cryptocurrency mining capping to the rest of the RTX 3000 series. However, Nvidia is pushing back against suspicions that the anti-cryptocurrency mining restrictions of the RTX 3060 could be easily reversed.

No details were given, but the company says it has essentially discontinued access to the “hash rate limiter”, which intentionally increases the mining efficiency of the RTX 3060 by 50 percent. An Nvidia spokesperson said, “The driver, the RTX3060, is a secure handshake between the silicon and the BIOS (firmware), which prevents the removal of the hash rate limiter.”

Nevertheless, you can bet many that the cryptocurrency community will try to hack the card. Meanwhile, Nvidia is working another way to prevent miners from buying RTX 3000 stock – it is preparing to offer graphics cards designed specifically for cryptocurrency mining.

The company said that Nvidia CMP cards have started arriving this quarter, but they will not take any existing manufacturing capacity for the RTX 3000 GPU.

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