Expectations Vs. Reality: 30 Of The Worst Cake Fails Ever Submitted On This Online Group

Your cake may come out awful because of a dozen different explanations. Whoops! But fear not, brave baking adventurers, for all is not lost.
You found the ideal ingredients in your cupboard. You’ve followed the recipe step by painstaking step. But somehow, somewhere, you messed up the baking recipe along with your cake looks absolutely nothing like what it is supposed to. (On the plus side, it may scary enough for Halloween!) Among the best places to observe some unexpected fails is that the expectation Vs. Reality’ subreddit, home to 709k individuals who just love sharing that the Universe occasionally has a pretty good sense of humor. We have collected some of the best cake fails they’ve featured that you enjoy, dear Pandas. So scroll on down, and upvote the best worst cakes.

Bored Panda reached out to talented baker and pie artist Jessica Clark-Bojin to discuss when we should follow recipes to the letter and when we ought to experiment with all our baking. Scroll down to our interview with her.

Belle Cake:



From A Kids Party To A Bachelorette Sorry Real Quick:


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