Egyptian Archaeologists Unseal A 2,500-Year-Old Sarcophagus And Cause The Internet To Freak Out

All jokes aside, this is a huge historic moment and it is reminding me why I like history so much. Personally, I am jealous of anyone who will have the opportunity to see the sarcophagi in person. In the meantime, scroll on down and see how people reacted to the first coffin being opened.

2020 was a scary year so far: we’ve had everything out of Apocalyptic fires and a stunt into social unrest and a close call with WW3. Currently, archeologists in Egypt have unsealed the first of 59 wooden sarcophagi that date to approximately 2,500 decades back. The internet is losing its mind and freaking out (only a bit ) about how 2020 is not the entire year to do that.
The first coffin, comprising an ancient mummy, was cracked available in front of a live crowd, including overseas dignitaries and members of the media. The sarcophagi will be accepted to the Grand Egyptian Museum where they will be displayed to the public.

Archeologists found 59 colored wooden sarcophagi in the Saqqara Necropolis:

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