19 scandals you don’t pay attention to any longer!

Let us glance back at probably the most discussed scandals of some famous personalities, from the absolutely incredible to the unfortunately heartbreaking ones. It’s quite surprising that we forgot  and never paid attention to the awful stuff famous personalities did. Let’s have a look:

1.In 1976,Eric Clapton gave a speech supporting Racism

eric clapton


While he was singing, his sight went over an Arab man and criticized him in a rude manner and said, “Throw these all stupid’s out of Britain and keep our Britain white”. His remarks were so toxic, they motivated different artists to establish rock music against Racism.

2.Surviving  adventurous episodes of “Man versus wild” of Bear Grills were known to be fake

Bear Grills

In one scene in the Sierra Nevada, Bear Grills is shown to be eating a snake for breakfast. Later, a producer uncovered that Bear Grills really went through the night with his team in a hotel with every thing available, obviously including breakfast.

3.In 1998, even those who are aware about Rob Lowe’s sex scandal are not aware completely about the case

Rob Lowe's


Rob Lowe’s used 16 year girl and 23 year boy to make a sex tape. No doubt, sex was legal but Georgia’s period of assent was 14 (regardless of whether he thought both were over 18).Lowe privately addressed remaining issues.


4. Colorado terrified everyone as “Balloon Boy” drifted away in air, in 2009


Rescue teams were activated to help the floated boy boarded on balloon and at that point moved to 7000 feet. However, Falcon was discovered hidden in a container in his family store room. Later, his mother made it a trick to make their family famous television stars.

5.Vince Neil killed a person

vince neil

Neil was enjoying with his friends at his home and meanwhile, they ran out of alcohol. Neil and his friend named Razzle set out towards the alcohol store. Naturally, they lost control over the vehicle and with a great force collided with  Volkswagen, and Razzle died.

6.We have fortunately proceeded onward from Vanessa Williams scandal case


She was the first individual to surrender the Miss America crown. Because her nudes were distributed by Penthose. And finally these photos were turned down by a playboy.

7.Nobody appears to mind that David Letterman slept with his staff


He was once exposed by his wife’s boyfriend who blackmailed him. Dave gave money to some individuals and people started praising him. No one after that turned to staff members who did nothing.

8. James O’Keefe is still grouped under serious and loyal personalities, despite of his scandals


His most well known case was his video in which he informed individuals to start creating and concealing the source of illegal income for themselves . Later, he had to pay $100,000 to escape from defame when it was revealed to be fake.


9.The Conjuring films which we think are depicted  on Lorraine and Ed Warren are exposed frauds


Ed Warren said to one of the authors who was publishing a book for one of their stories that, ‘All the individuals who come to us and think all this real are insane. You can use anything you want and make up a good story.

10.We all grieved over passing of Kobe Bryant in 2020


How can we forget that in 2003,a hotel employee stated he had assaulted and raped her. However, Kobe tried to clarify himself as clean by saying that the sex had mutual consent and added that other ladies which he had already slept with could affirm about his rough style.

11.The book namely ‘Jefferson Lies’ was written by David Barton


The book guaranteed that Thomas Jefferson proposed to establish a Christian nation. Teachers and Christian researchers casted it as the least valid history book available. However, Texas still concluded David Barton as a verified researcher so that he can recreate the country’s textbooks.


12.Everybody is aware about Michael Vick’s dogfighting


However everyone forgot about Ron Mexico. Vick was suffering from herpes and used  a fake name  while getting diagnosed  and a lady appealed that Vick intentionally passed STD onto her. Vick thought that the fake name will help him to keep this case secret, but it didn’t.

13.Rush Limbaugh was discovered to be purchasing illegal drug  Oxycontin


His house keeper approached with various proofs like emails and messages from Limbaugh in which he was requesting her to sell him variety of drugs. He was investigated for complete 3 years finishing off him with being arrested in year 2006.

14.Do you know Theresa Caputo had conversation with the dead on TLC for about 14 seasons


Much the same as John Edward and various others before her, she’s just very talented at a well established strategy known as cold reading. Even her talent made her earn the Pigasus Award, which is offered to trick specialists.

15. Jeff Gannon was known for tossing unchallenging questions to George W. Bush


At that point nude photographs of him were surfaced on different sites. At that point, when he was investigated by White House, they discovered that he has no journalistic foundation beside his secondary school paper. However, he had been allowed to have journalism pass out of nothing for a very long time.


16. Matthew Broderick’s killed 2 persons by his car



While on holidays in Ireland with Jennifer Gray in 1987, Broderick stopped at gas station to get further directions. At that point, only a mile later they forcibly collided with other car, resulting in the death of both passenger as well as the driver.

17.Peter Popoff’s service wins more than $24 million every year


Peter is consistently been uncovered as a scammer, mostly by Johnny Carson, and still his work continues. Meanwhile, he came up with a truly unbelievable plan, that is, to sell debt-curing petitions for money that continuously increase after some time.

18. Have u forgotten about Penn’s scandal? Sean Penn assaulted Madonna!


Penn once got overdrunk, at that time they were separated after their marriage and he being overdrunk went into her house and tied her forcefully to a seat and attacked her, both emotionally as well as physically, for a quite long time. Madonna just got away by saying Penn that she needed to go to the washroom.


19. In 1997, Marv Albert was captured for sex violations


Mostly Marv was accused of forced  homosexuality, attack, and battery for a room. Indeed, even at that point, this violation was treated as a joke since he had been caught in women’s underwear during one of his cases.

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